Metal Mind Forge


Metal Mind Forge specializes in contemporary fine architectural metal work, sculpture, unique home decor, and beyond. Serving home and business owners, contractors, and designers throughout interior and coastal British Columbia.

More About Me

I am deeply committed to the preservation of blacksmithing as a cultural art form.  With the knowledge that the fundamental tools and techniques trace back to the Iron Age and that the historic role of blacksmithing was integral to Canadian communities makes contemporary forged metal design a powerful art practice.  

 My work is deeply rooted in people and their heritage (old or new), always framed with hope for an inspiring future and with the primary goal of forging meaning between citizens and their spaces – non-threatening, inviting art that allows every visitor to perhaps find some aspect of their own experience reflected back to them, to provide a fresh perspective, or to act as a catalyst towards critical thought; stimulating yet relatable, encouraging and hopeful.

Caring for our environment is a significant personal value; much of my work fundamentally connects we, as a people, to the landscape.  In this light, and in addition to the goals above, I hope my art might inspire thought, commitment and optimism towards a sustainable future.  

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