Artist Feature | Revelstoke Review

Here in Revelstoke the welcome of my business and craft has been one of solid handshakes, curious questions, and an eagerness to share more about my craft with the local community. It’s been an exciting year of personal and professional growth and forging (pardon the pun) new connections with so many local vendors, talented artists and creatives, and other small business owners in town. All in all, Revelstoke has proven to be the perfect place to set up shop.

The cherry on top of my experience so far as a blacksmith here in Revelstoke is the interest in my business and craft from local publications such as the Revelstoke Mountaineer, and most recently I had the opportunity to sit down with the Revelstoke Review and share a little more about the craft and business of blacksmithing, Metal Mind Forge, and a few of the new projects we’ve got going on here in the shop.

Thanks again Revelstoke from all the incredible support you’ve shown me and the craft of blacksmithing.

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